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Andrew Lee Lawrence



With over 20 years of product marketing, business strategy and new product development experience across B2C and B2B audiences, I specialize in working with start-ups and small to medium size businesses. Those that need not only a professional marketer, but someone that brings a diverse range of experience, skills and resource consulting from multiple business disciplines.

As a business leader, I have experience in: Human resources, commercial law, B2B sales, organizing tradeshows & events, P&L, graphic design, brand strategy, commercial photography, A/B testing, pricing strategy, negotiations, public relations, sales, creative and technical copywriting and much more.

With a background in manufacturing, I’m intimately familiar with costing bills of materials, lead times, new product development and multi-currency pricing strategies.

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- Andrew Lee Lawrence

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The Essentials

The skills you want

Marketing & Brand Strategy

Create go-to-market plans, messaging and positioning. Bring solutions, new products and programs to market

Pricing Strategy


Both creative and technical copywriting. Owner's manuals, warranties, press releases, trade publications & whitepapers

Graphic Design

Branding & New Products

Develop and implement brand strategy, brand asset maintenance, trademarks, translations & private labelling

Tradeshows & Presentations

Experienced with costing bills of materials, P&L and creating regional multi-currency programs.

Build and design whitepapers and marketing collateral as required for consistent brand image.

Tradeshow event planning and organization. Creation of PowerPoint presentations

The Extras

The nice to have

Commercial Photography

Product photography, corporate headshots, events and social media photography, video and content creation

Commercial Law

Website, Social, UI/UX  & SEO

Website design & Layout, UI/UX, search engine optimization and social media content

Sales & Negotiations

A/B Testing

Management & HR

Business risk assessment, warranties, customer agreements, contract reviews, trademarks

Experienced working with sales team to secure new business opportunities and or client negotiations

Design, test and prove business scenarios with multiple variants and case studies

Human resources and team management experience

Software you need

The Technology

Adobe CC

Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, Premier Pro, Audition, Illustrator, Lightroom, Media Encoder, Adobe Acrobat DC, XD

Microsoft Office

Teams, Word, Excel, Sharepoint. PowerPoint

Additional Software: Corel Graphics Suite (Alternative to Adobe), Mail Chimp, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Hubspot, Trello and more.


Awards &


MarCom Platinum Award

Hermes Gold Award

Davey Silver Award

Nominated Top Creative - ADMARCOM

Gold Hermes Award for creative strategy and design. Creative-Lee.
Platinum MarCom Award for creative strategy and design. Creative-Lee.
Davey Award for creative strategy and design. Creative-Lee.


Professional Career Summary

Marketing Director

Type: Manufacturer
Audience: B2B / B2C
Product: Appliances

Vice President | Marketing

Type: Manufacturer
Audience: B2B / B2C
Product: Appliances

Business Consultant

Type: Service
Audience: B2B  
Service: Buying Group


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Design and Strategy

Just a few examples of my work

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White Papers, press releases, trade publications, website content, marketing collateral, if I was there and you read it, more than likely I wrote it.

Here is an example of a white paper created  for Maurizio's Barbershop, Kitchener Ontario.

- Photography, copywriting, design and layout.

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Creative Example

Certified Commercial Photographer